Cover artwork of Conscious Consumer CD
Conscious Consumer
Cigarettes         2.48
Junk Food Junkie   3.22
Crystal Clear      4.31
India              3.21
Dog In Sweden      3.14
Hi Chaperone       2.58
Good Time Girl     2.58
Melancholy         3.53
Sophia             2.49
Peace Meal         2.31
Prayer For Peace   3.56
Party              2.48
XRay Spex

A percentage of the profits from this recording go to the WWF Conservation Project which is working to protect and restore the sacred forests of Vrindavan, India.

Conscious Consumer was released on 31st October 1995, the first of a trilogy of new CDs produced by Poly Styrene for ART-I-FICIAL Productions at Receiver Records Ltd, Twyman House, 31-39 Camden Road, London NW1 9LF.
A note to our international friends -

Although Conscious Consumer has been released here, we know that many of you outside the UK cannot get ahold of it yet. For those in the States, it should be available within a few weeks. If you cannot find it, then please email us and we'll give you the name of the distributor closest to you.

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