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Last Updated 1 March 2005

A note from From Poly Styrene -

London. West End. Browsing in the record stores.I spy the Spex. Serious disbelief. How many times can they re-package one album.Crazy or what?

So many unrecorded songs I've got because I haven't stopped writing since Spex disbanded, you know. So I phone Receiver Records to inform them of the Pop Art Moving Diary I'm compiling right now. It includes original X-Ray Spex songs and future material.At the same time I ask them "Would you like me to do some shelf filling?" and Frank Lea replies "Yes. We'd love it Poly!"

I like enthusiasm. I get together with Paul, Lora and friends. Six weeks later Receiver is in receipt of Conscious Consumer, our zillion-selling CD to fill all the shelves of all the record shops between here and the edge ofthe galaxy. Love to spend more time with you but I have to pop out for a byte ofAudio Lunch.

See you soon,
your friend,

Poly Styrene

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