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Xerox Fonts

Xerox metacode/lcds fonts are the proprietary font format used by Xerox Production Laser Printing Systems (LPS). Xerox LPS printers are installed at thousands of customer sites around the world providing cutting edge solutions for document production.

Metacode/lcds fonts are usually stored on the printer's fixed disk.

Each orientation, portrait, landscape, inverse portrait and inverse landscape has it's own font, usually denoted by the last character in the font name.

P- Portrait L- Landscape I- Inverse Portrait J - Inverse Landscape

Xerox fonts are normally supplied in bitmap format, 300 dpi resolution. The newer generation of Xerox printers can now utilise outline font technology.

Terrapin provides an unrivalled font and licensing service for Xerox users. Collectively we have over 30 years experience in this area, so we can guide you through the main areas of font licensing, character mapping, and creating equivalent fonts for online viewing and distributed printing. We can supply virtually any typeface - as long as it can be obtained commercially, we can supply it in Xerox format.

It is not only typographic fonts that we provide, but a wide range of industry standard barcode fonts, and signature and logo fonts so that your printer will not have any throughput problems when printing high memory graphic files. In addition, we can convert Xerox bitmap fonts to outline format, so if you need a TrueType equivalent for online viewing, we can create these resources.