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Fonts overview

Our comprehensive font service includes the licensing of outline fonts in Type 1, TrueType and OpenType formats for both PC and Mac, as well as standard document-industry font solutions (see AFP Fonts and Xerox Fonts).

We specialise in supporting the High Volume document production industry, helping customers in ensuring that their fonts function correctly across different output platforms (printed and electronic) and that they are licensed correctly.

We pride ourselves in being completely vendor independent.

Typographic fonts
Terrapin provides a one-stop shop for all of your font needs. We supply fonts from all of the major font manufacturers including Linotype, Monotype, FSI (FontFont), ITC, Adobe, Berthold, URW and many more as well as fonts from the smaller, independent type houses whose fonts tend to be less traditional and more cutting-edge. If you need to find a font, please do not hesitate to contact sales@terrapin.co.uk.

Font licensing
We co-ordinate multi-user, site and corporate licenses so that your company can use its fonts freely and without worry.  We also offer bespoke font licensing.

Types of license sold
Standard EULA – Up to 5 workstations
MUL – Multi user license
Corporate – So that all workstations in your company have a license
Application Server – Applicable to the High Volume document production industry
Web Embedding – So that you can use your font on your website, and not use graphics.

We pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive technical and commercial service relating to all things fonts, so please make us your first port of call.

Font collections
Font collections are an excellent way of maximising the number of fonts available to your designers and printers at the most cost-effective price.

Platform independence
We strive to ensure that all fonts look the same across all printing and viewing platforms. For this reason, all font sales for printers still dependent on bitmap fonts also include Type 1, TrueType or OpenType formats for printer-independent viewing applications. See supported printers for more.