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Conversions and formatting

Conversion Services
Terrapin provides a multi-platform conversion service, which enables support for the worldwide electronic printing industry. Fonts, graphics, and forms can be converted between all printer formats documented below. This provides customers with the knowledge that they can indeed print and view anything anywhere.

We employ state-of-the-art technology as well as maintaining a number of legacy systems in-house, often enabling us to convert between very old printer formats to the most recent systems. We can still convert from IBM 3800 (unbounded-box) format, as well as Siemens online and offline formats.

Format Converted to
AFP Xerox, HP-PCL, Adobe Type 1, TrueType, Siemens Native, PDF
Xerox AFP, HP-PCL, Adobe Type 1, TrueType, Siemens Native, PDF
HP-PCL AFP, Xerox, Adobe Type 1, TrueType, Siemens Native, PDF
Siemens Native AFP, Xerox, Adobe Type 1, TrueType, HP-PCL, PDF
Type 1 AFP, Xerox, HP-PCL, TrueType, Siemens Native
TrueType AFP, Xerox, HP-PCL, Adobe Type 1, Siemens Native

In addition to converting between printer formats, we can of course convert from one resource format to another such as converting graphics to fonts or converting forms to graphics.

Bitmap to Outline Font Conversion
For a number of years we have been researching  and developing solutions where we can create an accurate outline font (TTF, Type1, OTF) from a supplied bitmap font (AFP, Xerox, PCL).  We are now very confident in our new conversion service, and can offer very competitive prices.

Newer communication channels and document applications rely more on outline fonts to process traditional printed output and produce viewing documents like PDF, and for HTML/XML web based documents.

Development has taught us that each individual bitmap font has to have its own equivalent outline font created and then we would provide info on recommended point size usage to maintain fidelity between the original and new document.

Conversions offered:
Input Output
AFP 240 dpi  Type1, TTF or OTF
AFP 300 dpi Type1, TTF or OTF
Xerox FNT – 300 dpi  Type1, TTF or OTF
PCL SoftFont – 300 dp Type1, TTF or OTF

This service is targeted at companies who have font libraries that are only in bitmap format and who need Outline “Windows friendly” font formats available for their document applications.

This includes standard text fonts, signature fonts, logo fonts, barcode fonts, and box formatting fonts.

If you feel that you have a requirement for this service, then please do not hesitate to contact us on sales@terrapin.co.uk.

Data Formatting
Our experience in the industry has enabled us to provide support in the area of job set-up and data formatting. With expertise in Xerox printing language – PDL, and IBM’s AFP we have performed numerous data formatting projects, and provided consultancy in using these languages.

We have a number of systems in-house for running complete jobs by emulating the high-speed environment, returning to you all of the resources required to start production printing as soon as possible.

Amongst other packages, we use Elixir DesignPro Tools and can also offer Elixir Professional Services