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CJK Fonts

CJK Font Solutions
We have helped many companies to implement CJK font solutions, so that documents can be created in complex Far Eastern languages.

There are many different styles and encodings available. See PDF samples (below) for available fonts. All of the fonts are available in TTF which is compatible with all industry Document Composition systems including the following.

  • DOC1
  • CSF
  • Thunderhead
  • Amdocs Designer
  • HP Dialogue
  • Sefas Open Print Designer
  • Crawford PRO Production Manager
  • EMC Document Sciences xPression

Perpetual Application Server licenses are available for all of our CJK font solutions. AFP CID-keyed double-byte solutions are available for Document Composition applications.

Past experience has taught us that Document Composition systems all handle fonts differently. We would be very happy to discuss any projects that you may have a need for. Please contact sales@terrapin.co.uk .

PDF Samples